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BIO: Peppe Smith
Striking Products is the brain child of a NYC ad agency, the bowling trade association and me, one Peppe Smith.   I am the designer, shipping manager, and marketing director; basically the Chief Errand Officer. 
Peppe Smith of Striking Products
My Dad built three bowling alleys in the back yard of the General Motors factory in Ohio.  The bowling business paid for my degree in art and my MBA from Syracuse University. When I graduated, I moved to NYC to make my way on Madison Avenue.  During those “Sex in the City” years I worked with Perry Ellis, Vera, & Herman Miller.

My Dad would call every year and offer me the bowling business back home. Finally, after I married & had two children, my husband, Bob, accepted Dad’s offer.  Bob does an exemplary job of running the business so I volunteer and work in the bowling industry. I have had the pleasure of working for Bowling Industry Magazine, Brunswick, Kaploe Consulting, and serving on the Board of Directors of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America.

When the BPAA introduced the “Bowling is Back” series of TV commercials every woman in the industry wanted a pair of the featured high heels.  Seems my parents passed on the entrepreneurial spirit because I secured permission from John Berglund to manufacture our high heel bowling shoes.  That was the start of Striking Products.

The first batch of high heel bowling shoes were hand made in South America by the brother of a local cobbler.  With the exception of a few large sizes, they sold out immediately.

Today, our shoes are worn all over the world from Australia to Las Vegas.  Made in China of fine Italian leather, our shoes are known as much for the quirky stitched number on the heel as for their fashion and comfort.

I am looking forward to introducing new, fun, stylish, products for the passionate bowler and fashion fanatic alike. I hope you will be excited by what you see.

Lots of help     
Striking Products has grown slowly over the past three years.  We still ship from the basement of my home in Canfield, Ohio.  I have been blessed with some great industry friends.  Jeff Mraz warehouses our products at Ace Mitchell Bowlers Supply. Patrick Murrey & Bill Snoberger worked tirelessly to help us find a reputable manufacturing facility when our original craftsman passed away.

We would not be where we are today if it were not for the many bowling center owners who display and wear our Striking shoes.

Thank you, friends and fans

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